Email received from Dielette Harbour Authorities 26/05/2023:


Dear all,

For the beginning of the season, we want to clarify some point concerning the border control procedure in Port Diélette.


– If Port Diélette is the first port of call upon your arrival in France, you must complete the form attached, 24 hours or more before your arrival, and send it to the email adress

– If Port Diélette is your last port of call, you complete the form and send it when you leave the french territory.

– If you do a day trip, it’s necessary to complete one form for the arrival and one form for the departure (never put the arrival/departure on the same form)

Also, the custom form has changed. You need to forget the old one.

To keep this good and flexible procedure, it is very important to respect it.

Thank you for your understanding and hope to see you soon.

Kind regards,


Agent d’accueil et d’administration
Port DiéletteBureau du Port Diélette
Terre-plein Est – 50340 TREAUVILLE – FRANCEStandard : 02 33 53 68 78
Ligne directe : 02 33 87 51 06

Download forms below:

Procédure entree-sortie Espace Schengen au 21.07.22docx

Formulaire Entrée et Sortie – Dielette nouvelle version