Good afternoon all,

This is a circular to ensure that preparations are being made to limit the impact of the upcoming storm and inform you of measures being implemented by the Harbour Authority.

Commercial Quay access

The commercial quay will be closed to members of the public from 1700 tomorrow (31/10/23), this practice will persist until conditions moderate. During hours of closure, access will be restricted to essential personnel and the owners of vessels moored on the quayside. These measures will be reviewed daily following regular assessment of the weather forecast.

Vessels moored in the harbour

It is advisable that all vessels moored in either the outer or inner harbour are checked and that extra lines are added where necessary. Visual checks are also encouraged throughout this period, however boat owners are not advised to compromise their personal safety by attempting to access any vessel moored in the harbour whilst this severe weather persists.

Vessels stored on hard standing

It is advisable that the owner of any vessel stored on States land inspect their vessel to ensure that they are satisfied that the vessel is sufficiently propped and secured. Intervention during the storm is not advised due to the heightened risk to personal safety.

Please feel free to forward this email to other parties.

Best regards

Adam Rose
Harbour Master
Harbour Authority
States of Alderney