This year the annual Laying-Up Supper was hosted at the Georgian House Orangery. Sadly, due to COVID-19 restrictions, many of our Overseas Members from the UK and Jersey who would normally have joined us for this event, were unable to do so.

However,  everybody who attended (in total 66 people) was impressed by the quality of the food and the service provided by the Georgian House and, judging by the photographs taken during the evening, a good time was had by all.

Alderney Sailing Club Commodore Hugh Harrison welcomed our guests from Guernsey, Commodore David Raines (RCIYC) and Commodore Anna Rivers (Guernsey Yacht Club) as well as several Guernsey members of our club.

After  Commodore Harrison’s speech,  Commodore Raines admirably filled the gap left by our absent guest speaker Dr. Hagen Voehrs  – who was unable to attend due to transport problems –   with a short and interesting talk about his club’s activities in this challenging year.
Formalities were possibly enhanced… possibly not……  by some impromptu entertainment delivered by Nigel Soane-Sands and Ronnie Cairnduff.   More photographs can be viewed/downloaded here