Important Pre-Season Updates – Braye Harbour

Notice issued by the Alderney Harbour Office – 4 April 2023;

Date: 4th April 2023

Pre-season update for Harbour Users

Now that spring is upon us there are several projects taking place during what promises to be a very busy second quarter in Braye Harbour. Harbour users are asked to note that these projects may temporarily affect various aspects of normal port operations.

Pontoon – Work is due to begin on the installation of the extended pontoon facility after Easter weekend. This project will include replacing and reinforcing the shore-based structures which anchor the existing pontoon and will result in a delay in the introduction of the pontoon in its entirety. The expected completion date is now the end of April.

Water taxi – Despite the lack of a pontoon facility the States Water Taxi service will begin operating on Good Friday at 0800. Please call the taxi line for details of best pick up and landing locations whilst we await the installation of the pontoon.

The Harbour Showers are to be opened at the same time in order to accommodate visiting yachtsmen over the bank holiday weekends.

Taxi Hours (Times in BST)

Weekends and Bank Holidays: 0800-0000

Weekdays April, May & September: 0800-2200

Weekdays June – August: 0800-0000

Mobile telephone: 07781 121 046

VHF Ch 73

Mooring maintenance work – The annual servicing of all outer Harbour Moorings is due to commence on the 12th of April. The diving and servicing works will take approximately 14 days to complete, during this time Crane activity will be restricted to cargo discharge activity and essential lifts only to ensure that the project does not suffer unnecessary delays. Mooring holders wishing to recover old mooring warps and tackle from their allocated buoys may contact the Harbour Office to arrange a suitable time for collection.     ends