We are delighted to advise our members who own motor cruisers, that Alderney

Sailing Club member Les Stewart has volunteered to organise this summer visits to nearby French ports  for motor cruisers,  either as daytrips or with overnight stays.   

However, before we approach the different harbour offices about rates, facilities etc….  we need your feedback.

Could you please advise us:

  1. A)Which French ports would be your favourite destinations?
  2. B)Would you like to have an overnight stay?
  3. C)Would you only be interested in daytrips  – possibly Dielette, Omonville?  
  4. D) (only tie up to buoys or on anchor)  
  5. D) Overnight trips to Cherbourg, Carteret?
  6. E) Any other suggestions?

Obviously, all trips will be subject to weather and sea conditions and Les will start studying weather about a week ahead and keep studying until the trip day. 

If the forecast wind is greater than Beaufort F4 and the waves greater than 1 metre

it is probably not going to be a good cruising day. 

What would be the sea conditions you would consider acceptable?

Thank you for getting back to us as soon as possible.

Please email
info@alderneysailingclub.com  and we’ll start working on the cruiser programme.