Dear Club Member,

We have all enjoyed the Club House over many years and it has served us well over that time. Apart from the Sail Deck being built in 2014 there has been little in the way of house improvement or
refurbishment. The old girl now needs some serious attention and the time has come for Members to consider the future of the Club House and what we all expect from it.

A small sub committee has been looking at what NEEDS to be done and what COULD be done if Members so agreed.

The Club House is in dire need of a complete overhaul of key services. Namely a total rewire of the building and a new ceiling which currently is polystyrene tiles and must be replaced. Likewise
the kitchen and loos and other areas needs updating.

To commence work ASAP (probably this winter) on the above partly funded by club surplus funds but will no doubt mean Members contributing as well either through Membership or donations.

The cost of Option A is an unknown because like all old buildings you just don’t know what you will find once you start pulling the place apart.

However, working on realistic cost assumptions it is likely to be in the region 30 to 40K.
What are your thoughts on this Option A?

Taking a more ambitious view for the future of the Club might well be to think a bit bigger. I was tasked to put together a rough plan of expansion of the Club House and this is what it might look like.


To move the bar to where the kitchen is now and build a new extension for a bigger kitchen. A new lounge area would be created with a large window overlooking the dinghy park. New toilets and showers as well as disabled facilities.

Clearly Option B would require a much bigger budget which would have be raised by the members along the lines of the Sail Deck, which raised 12K which was the cost of the whole project. This option would also mean the club closing for some time while the work progressed.

A guesstimate cost would likely be in the region of 90K to 120K and members would be asked to dig deep to support existing surplus club funds.

This is food for thought, but the real question is what do YOU want for our club for all of us to enjoy well into the future especially for our younger members.

Kindly let me know your thoughts via email to

Ronnie Cairnduff
Alderney Sailing Club
Assistant ‘House’

To download and view this document including the plan,  please click here:  Option A&B

A large size copy of the plan is currently on display at the clubhouse.