The following email sent to Guernsey Yacht Club was forwarded to us for your information:

Dielette has issued the following e-mail, which appears to apply to 
 LA MANCHE :  Port Diélette, Port-bail

LE CALVADOS :  Deauville-Trouville, Courseulles-sur-Mer, Dives/Mer – Cabourg – Houlgate, Grandcamp-Maisy, Isigny/Mer, Port-en-Bessin

Dear Yachtsmen,

We are very pleased to inform you that La Manche and Le Calvados Customs have just decided to make Brexit procedure more flexible for unofficial border crossing points like Port Dielette.

It is, indeed, now possible for pleasure boats coming from a port outside Schengen area to arrive at and leave directly an unofficial border crossing point

For Dielette, just sending the editable form attached (new one) to the Harbour office:, 24 hrs before arriving and just before departure in case of a less 24 hrs stay (for longer stays, 24hrs minimum). The form will then be transmitted by us to Port Authorities and Customs.

You’ll find, attached to this mail, one form called ” Dielette” that you can use to come to our marina ; and another one called “others”, that you can fill to visit another concerned marina.

Port Diélette
Le Bureau du Port

The Form can be downloaded here – Formulaire Entrée et Sortie – Diélette,

Colin Le Conte will post it on the relevant Digimap Marinas pages later today, and we will put a copy on our website.

This is great news for Channel Island Yachts and a sign that the authorities are willing to be more flexible.